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Export A Table From Microsoft Access
To An Excel Spreadsheet Using VBA

A Simple Subroutine

Here's a simple subroutine that exports an Access table to Excel using VBA code. By clicking on the command button, Access VBA exports a table to a specified file name and path location. This code is rather limited because it does not send a verification message or open the Excel spreadsheet upon completion, however, it is a good start. If interested in DIY coding, use the "Access 2007 VBA Bible" by Helen Feddema (the original source for this code) to expand on this example.

NOTE: The following code is for demonstration purposes only and is not a complete coding solution.

Access export to Excel

Clicking the command button runs the following code. Notice that this code uses a fixed path . . . the user has no control over the output.

Access export subroutine

Advanced Access Export To Excel

Click this link for an example of Advanced Access export to Excel

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