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For 2009

Access 2010 Technical Release . . . First Looks

Find out what Microsoft is doing to improve, update, and make Access 2010 the best Access application ever. This Beta realease is the first opportunity for developers to test drive and comment on the features and refinements.

VBA - Visual Basic for Applications

Access VBA was developed as a sub set of Microsoft Visual Basic and is now used in the Microsoft Office applications, MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word, and MS Outlook. VBA is a very powerful language used by professional Access developers to automate processing in database applications. VBA is preferred over macors as the method for robust database application development in MS Access.

Microsoft Access 2000

MS Access 2000 is still being used by many companies. This version of Access displayed many new features, including a better graphical user interface and support for data Access pages. The Access 2000 database toolbar improves the way users can create and mangae database objects. Access 2000 now supports two data Access models: the Data Access Objects (DAO) that is native to MS Access and the new ActiveX Data Objects (ADO). DAO uses the built in Microsoft Jet database engine for data Access and runs very rapidly. Access 2000 now supports ADO for Jet database manipulation, although it may run a bit more slowly.

Microsoft Access Automation

Save time and money by using MS Access automation features. Use built-in macro functionality to eliminate repetitious tasks. Let macro automation take over the complex processe, to avoid mistakes. Macro development is worth the effort.

Microsoft Access Programmer Available Here

Call us at 512-202-7121 for more information about our services. We have many years experience with Microsoft Access (plus other databases). We've built tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, navigation forms, and linked to and imported/ exported to and from Access from Excel, DB2, Oracle, SQL Server and text files, and we've migrated Access databases to upgrade versions. We've used every version of Access from the very start with version 1.0, in 1992, and we are now working full time with Microsoft Office Access 2010.

We've worked in-house in large IT departments, on site for small companies, and as independent consultant/contractor on an hourly and per project basis. If you are an agency seeking someone with Microsoft Access skills (and U.S. citizen), we are available for temporary or permanent opportunities, with 1099 or W2.

Once again, call us at 512-202-7121 for your complimentary consultation about your Microsoft Office Access project.