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Microsoft Office Access Articles

For 2010

Access Database Parsing

Do you need to work with data that is not in the right format for your database? Data that comes from an outside source can often be corrupted or formatted differently than the data you need. Long combinations of data must be separated to make the components work in your Access database. Parsing is the process of separating data to make it usable in your database. Find out how to use Access Parsing at the Access Parsing Demonstration page.

Repairing An Access Database

What happens if your Access database suddenly stops working? Perhaps it loads very very slowly; several seconds or even minutes. Maybe a form that was working just fine now does not work at all. Are you seeing lots of cryptic error messages? Any of these can be irritating, but more importantly, your Access database could be reaching the danger zone for functionality. Find out more at the How To Repair a Corrupted Access Database page.

Access 2010 Macro Designer

Access features a totally new Macro development environment to improve both speed and accuracy for your macro functions. The new macro designer is more like Access VBA (but not entirely)expanding the functionality of macros making them more usable than in previous Access versions. Get more information at the Access 2010 Macro Designer page.

Access VBA

Microsoft VBA, Visual Basic for Applications, is the programming lanuguage for MS Access. VBA is the fundamental building block for automating your database. Find out about Access VBA at the Access VBA page. This article is a brief overview of Access VBA, why it's used and its advantages. VBA is not easy to learn, however, it does take time and effort to learn. The rewards of using VBA are faster (much faster) database functionality. Use VBA for forms and reports to get the full power of Microsoft Access.

Using Access XML

Find out how Access 2010 can be used to progrmatically send XML data to MS Word templates at Access XML and VBA. This article focuses on the development of VBA to automate transfer of Access table data to XML format. The program uses Access forms to allow user to choose criteria for the letter generation process and to choose the letter to be printed by using form control buttons.

Microsoft Office Access 2010 Released

June 15, 2010 marks the official realease date for Access 2010, renamed as "Microsoft Office Access 2010." No matter what you call it; MS Access 2010, Microsoft Access 2010, or simply Access 2010, it's more robust, web ready, and features enhanced user experience and better ease of use. Find out more about Access 2010 in this article.

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