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For 2012

Microsoft Office 15 Goes Beta

The next version of Office will bring sweeping changes. How will this impact the Access programmer and the Access end user world?
Microsoft Office 15 And What This Means For Access

Access 2013 Preview

Access 2013 will continue its feature rich and robust desktop programming paradigm with a hugely important added component for cloud computing. Access 2013 is now part of the Office 365 suite of programs. Designed for collaboration and fully operational with the SharePoint system for Office 365, Access 2013 Office 365 now connects directly with SQL Server, breaking the 2 Gig size limit.
Learn more about Access 2013

Useful Tips For Working With Access

Ever had one of those days when suddenly a big ol' database problem just flat ruins your day? Here are some tips on how to avoid some of those annoying issues that can jump up when working with your Access database program.
Access Tips

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