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Database Project Process

We Use These Steps To Build Your Access Database

  1. Free Initial Consultation

    Call me at 512-202-7121 or send an email to Accessible Data Solutions at Database Project Information so we can discuss your project and get to know each other.
  2. Define Your Business Workflow And Database Requirements

    Defining your workflow - how do you work and how will the database fit in to your business. We'll work together to determine the best way to accomplish the tasks for your database. Then we gather the database program requirements to ensure we know what your users need in the database program. Once we have this information, we can furnish you with a quote for your database project. Call or email us with your ideas and questions. For your convenience . . . .

  3. Project Quote

    Once we determine what will be included in your database project we will prepare your quote for services. Frequently there will be a price range, so we can build in some flexibility.
  4. Database Design

    We will submit various database components for you to review, such as Forms, and Report layouts. Working together, we will develop your database. We move this process along rapidly by continuous communication via phone, email, or conference calls with desktop sharing.
  5. Database Development and Programming

    Here's where we build your custom database solution. The various components from the Design Phase will be implemented here.
  6. Database Project Installation

    Installation is simple and usually ready in a few minutes. We'll know in advance how much training might be necessary for your personnel, so if you need it, we'll be ready.
  7. Database Project Testing

    Database testing will ensure that all components of your database function correctly. I will correct any problems within the scope of the project design at this point.

Please call us at 512-202-7121 with your questions and we'll help you get started with your database project.