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Get answers to the most frequently asked question about MS Access database projects from Accessible Data Solutions, Portland Oregon. We provide Microsoft Access programming in Portland and throughout the world. We offer MS Access 2007 and MS Access 2010 database services for all types of businesses and organizations. If you are looking for MS Access 2010 or MS Access 2007 database services; let us upgrade your older Microsoft Access program to a much more efficient and faster version. We work extensively with MS Access 2010 and MS Access 2007 including Access queries and Access query development, so we can help you get the right database solution for your MS Access database. Microsoft Access Database Programmer.
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Do You Need To See My Current Database Before You Begin A Project?

We really do need to review your current database prior to providing cost and time estimates for you. It simply wouldn't be right to do otherwise. We frequently find that older databases are running slowly or the data tables don't relate properly to each other. Often, the code does not run smoothly due to frequent changes that result in a fractured program. We will certainly sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if you prefer. Our goal is to fully inform you of your options and the best approach to your database project, while avoiding costly errors.

I'm Using Excel For My Database, Is This OK?

Microsoft Excel is tremendous spreadsheet software, however it is not a database management system (DBMS). Excel stores in worksheet format using rows, columns, and cells. Excel does a fine job managing lists like phone numbers or data about people. Microsoft Access is a relational database management system (DBMS) that stores data in table format that looks similar to the Excel worksheet.

MS Access, however, is designed for working with complex data and querying; asking questions to locate specific information. Access can also perform complex activities with data in several tables and tables that reside in other database programs, like SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2.

MS Excel's strength is the management of lists, so if your data can logically be arranged and stored in a single worksheet, then Excel is the proper application. Excel data is often incorrectly referred to and used as a "database." In many instances, the Excel data should properly be stored in a Microsoft Access database.

If your data must reside in more than one table, you need to use MS Access because your data now requires a relational database application. In database terminology, a table is a discreet collection of closely associated data; an example is customer orders. If you need data for customers, customer orders, inventory, vendors, or more, you need to use MS Access.

Will You Normalize My Access Database Project?

We usually normalize a MS Access database projects to the Third Normal Form (3NF) level for large and complex Access database solutions. This will provide you with a very solid and robust database. We also recognize that may organizations use smaller Microsoft Access databases for specific tasks. Depending on factors such as: the size of your MS Access database, the function of the database, and the costs associated with developing your project, we may normalize your database to the Second Normal Form (2NF). We will make certain your Access database functions properly using the most appropriate normalization.

Should I Upgrade My Older Version Of Access?

Yes, we can and we frequently do so. You should know that Microsoft supports only the latest two versions of MS Access. Problems occur with older version compatibility with other Microsoft Office applications and particularly with newer operating systems. We recommend migrating all Access databases that were developed in versions prior to MS Access 2007 (MS Access 2003, MS Access 2002, and MS Access 2000) to the latest version of MS Access, MS Office Access 2010. MS Access versions 1 through MS Access 97 are so old that we may have difficulty migrating! So, beware of leaving your database in an older version of MS Access.

Do You Charge By The Hour Or By Project?

Both, actually. Depending on the type of business relationship you establish with us, we are flexible about financial arrangements. If we develop a database on a project basis, we will inform you of all features included in the project; the number and types of forms, the number and nature of your reports, any import or export features, publishing for SharePoint capability, or other special functionality necessary for your project. Once we decide on the scope of the project, we can quote you a project fee. We can also work on an hourly cost basis either in-house as an employee with W2 tax reporting, or as an independent contractor with Form 1099 tax reporting.

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