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Microsoft Access Projects

Examples Of Access Programs And Modules We've Developed

The Access Forms Project

Designing proper database input and viewing forms is both an art and a science. Obviously, database forms must be accurate and maintain the integrity of the data they support. At the same time, database forms must be useable and, if possible, pleasing to the eye. The database user may need to spend several hours working with data in the same form, making ease of use (functionality) and user physical requirements equal in importance. During the development process, we take the user's needs into serious consideration, after all, who wants to work with a poorly designed or simply bad looking data input form?

Access database form

Login Form With Security

Login forms are useful in maintaining security for your application. The issue of database integrity and security is now extremely important since Microsoft Access databases are used so frequently in a multi-user work environments. We developed our Login Form to use linked login tables, that store user name and password. Additionally, we separated the program logic by storing in an MS Access MDE file. MDE files are compiled to prevent tampering with the underlying Visual Basic For Application (VBA) code.

Access login screen

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